growplanthere – A VLE for Adventure Learning

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Link to the growplanthere VLE.

My classmates, Anita and Erin, and I designed an adventure learning project for a class on the subject in the Spring of 2011. The idea was to take an issue that was important to all of us and weave in a blended learning curriculum with a learning adventure. I feel like that we achieved that with growplanthere.

This was a wordpress implementation that features streams about field trips that we actually took to nurseries, an organic farm-to-kitchen restaurant here in Austin, and a community garden. We also emulated the class activities in our curriculum by growing our own gardens for one month. There are also opportunities for interaction in the form of forums and a twitter feed.

This project was a great opportunity to share (and develop) our passion for urban, sustainable gardening and play around with the concept on a VLE for a blended AL course. I also got a few tomatos and lots of herbs out the the deal before the drought really set on Austin during the summer.

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