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Finish the Fall 2011 semester of graduate school while working and maintaining a personal life.

From 10/16/2011 to 11/27/2011, Kasey hopes to gain a level by acquiring 6000 XP by completing missions at work, school, and home. She must also manage several other stats to achieve her goal.


Experience points are the primary metric that will be used to determine if the player completed her quest.
Knowledge points can (theoretically) help the player complete future school tasks. Finishing a paper may require that the player has previously attained a certain number of knowledge points through a related research mission.
Money can be used to complete personal tasks, like taking the spouse to dinner or having a drink with friends.
Stamina is needed to keep the player from becoming too fatigued to continue completing missions.


There are 3 mission types:
  • Work – These have a lower experience value than equivalent tasks of a similar difficulty, because they award the player with money.
  • School – These will make up a majority of the tasks. They are fairly straightforward, but they can award the player knowledge points.
  • Personal – These are things the player needs to accomplish in everyday life, like taking the dog to the park, making dinner, or doing the laundry. Completing them will award the player with stamina as well as experience.


Kasey Ford -- human female grad student

Kasey Ford is a working graduate student pursuing her Master's degree in Instructional Technology at the University of Texas at Austin. This real rpg is a project created for her Teaching and Learning with the Internet class. This project aims to explore the implications of learning analytics and gaming tropes in the real world. Read more at Kasey's blog.