human // female // gradstudent

quest progress

4700 55 16 105

current missions

  • Work: Create screencast for contractor. 200XP//5M
  • Work: Finish content for 3 modules. 150XP//10M
  • School: Finish draft of literature review. 200XP//10K//-2S
  • School: Edit/submit usability report. 200XP//5K
  • School: Finish report about humanfemale project. 200XP//10K//-5S
  • Personal: Walk dog 3 times. 100XP//10S
  • Personal: Make big dinner for husband. 50XP//2S//-1M
  • Personal: Rearrange living room. 50XP//2S

deadline: 11.20

deadline was 10.23

  • Work: Write an assessment. 50XP//5M
  • Work: Finish content review and rewrite. 150XP//10M
  • School: Finish interaction design project. 200XP//10K
  • School: Outline literature review for thesis. 150XP//5K//-10S
  • School: Complete this website. 200XP//5K
  • Personal: Attend concert with friend. 50XP//10S
  • Personal: Go to Wimberly and attain boots. 100XP//5S//-10M
  • Personal: Plan Halloween costume. 50XP//2S//-5M
  • Personal: Carve pumpkin. 50XP//2S//-1M

deadline was 10.30

  • Work: Write an assessment. 50XP//5M
  • Work: Write new lesson for existing module. 100XP//10M
  • Work/School: Prepare materials for usability test. 250XP//10K//2M//-5S
  • School: Edit "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" Podcast and turn in early. 150XP//5K
  • School: Fill in thesis literature review outline with details. 200XP//5K//-3S
  • Personal: Participate in work costume contest. 50XP//2S
  • Personal: Attend 2 Halloween Parties. 100XP//10S//-5M
  • Personal: Take dog to the park. 50XP//5S//-1M

deadline was 11.06

  • Work: Write an assessment. 50XP//5M
  • Work: Create Project Plan through EOY. 50XP//10M
  • Work/School: Conduct Usability Test. 200XP//10K//5M//-7S
  • School: Create preliminary usability report. 200XP//5K//-2S
  • School: Blog about humanfemale project. 200XP//5K
  • Personal: Handout Halloween candy. 50XP//2S
  • Personal: Take dog on 4 walks. 200XP//12S
  • Personal: Go to dinner with sweetheart. 50XP//5S//-2M

deadline was 11.13<

  • Work: Write an assessment. 50XP//5M
  • Work: Finish content for 3 modules. 150XP//10M
  • School: Create draft of literature review. 250XP//10K//-5S
  • School: Finish usability report. 150XP//5K
  • School: Start report about humanfemale project. 100XP//5K//-5S
  • Personal: Have movie night with friends. 100XP//5S-2M
  • Personal: Pick husband up from airport. 150XP
  • Personal: Finish 1 painting. 150XP//5S//-1M