Trip to a community garden!

It was a lot of fun touring the employee garden at National Instruments this Thursday. This is a row garden that the company’s “green team” started on the company campus with their own free time and funds. We spoke with Brittany, one of the gardeners and organizers. She said that since many of the employees there have apartments, they wanted to provide a place for people to start growing their own food.

They got permission to clear some land on the large campus and got to work clearing the land to bring in soil. The elected to create a raised cinder block bed with semi-defined sections. There are even spaces to plant smaller herbs along the edge in the blocks. Each person who signs up gets a spot to do with as they please. The land surrounding the office buildings is sustainably-landscaped with native bushes and plants (despite being in a densely-developed section of Austin) they have netting and fencing for animals and deer.

This is the second year that the garden has been in use, and the participants would like to see it keep expanding. They even post questions for each other on the company’s internal message boards and help keep an eye on each other’s crops. This is one of the green team’s many projects; others include encouraging the company to reduce the amount of packaging it uses and organizing office recycling.

Brittany talks about the NI community garden:

Title: NIgarden
File: NIgarden.m4v
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