Anita – Week 1 – Getting My Gardening On!

Every year about this time, I go to gardening events, see pictures of my friends’ gardens and decide that I will start a garden. And every year, I make excuses and don’t start a garden. This year a change is coming! In March, I attended the East Austin Garden Fair.

picture from East Austin Garden Fair

East Austin Garden Fair


At the garden fair, I once again became inspired by the simple things one can do to begin a garden. I learned about rain harvesting, a unique twist on container gardening, and raised bed/square foot gardening. In fact, it was the man at the raised bed garden that provided the spark for me to get started. Many beginning and seasoned gardeners are methodical about their gardens, but that style just won’t work for me. My take-away from my conversation with this man was it was okay to mix it up a bit. He was an advocate for mixing flowers and vegetables. He suggested I use concrete blocks instead of wood for the perimeter of the garden. And he did something magical. He gave me a tomato plant to get started. Apparently, that’s all someone needed to do all of these years. I scurried to Garden Ridge and Big Lots to purchase a pot and tomato cage for my new plant.


Tomato Plant - Day 1

Tomato Plant - Day 1

While at Sam’s Club, I purchased a salsa and vegetable garden kit. Next I went to Lowe’s to purchase some biodegradable containers to start my plants while I decide where and how to build a garden area. I placed the seeds and tomato plants (I receive 2 additional smaller tomato plants at the Garden Fair) on my back porch in a location where they would receive plenty of sun exposure.

Seeds in containers

Seeds in containers

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