Special meeting: Eastside Cafe for brunch @ 11 am!

This past Thursday, we traveled to the Eastside Café in Austin, Texas to visit their renowned restaurant and taste the successes of a well-kept urban garden. Elaine Martin and Dorsey Barger established the Eastside Café in 1988.  The restaurant began as a small venture in a house with a garden in the backyard.  Since then, it has expanded to include ‘Pitchforks and Tablespoons, a small shop where guests can wait and peruse cooking and gardening tools; the Garden Room, a once open-air patio converted to a enclosed dining area perfect for small parties; and a chicken coop. Today it is a popular destination for fresh, garden-grown food.

The garden, which is roughly one city block in size, is the quintessential urban garden.  Sitting amidst residential and commercial establishments, the gardens are a beautiful reprieve from the chaos of the city.  It incorporates a vast array of planters to showcase all the possible manners in which one can create a garden.


Cinder blocks

Metal tubs

Raised beds












If you think the garden looks good, imagine the food!  Eastside Cafe offered a lovely array of delicious meals in a comfortable dining room that makes you feel right at home.  If you live anywhere near the Austin area, I recommend stopping in the East Austin neighborhood and grabbing a bite to eat.  I hope this inspires you as you prepare to harvest your fruits, vegetables and herbs!


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